Flight Attendant Jobs

If you are looking for Flight Attendant Jobs then you are at the right place. We talk about the fresh job openings related to Flight Attendant. With us, you will find different jobs from different countries related to various fields including flight attendants.

But before proceeding ahead, let’s note some important guidelines regarding this flight attendant position. First, it is important to know that a cabin attendant is responsible for providing comfort and safety to the passengers on a plane. Flight attendants are also known as “Airline Stewardess/Steward and Cabin Attendants”. Plus, they also perform various tasks that include directing passengers, overviewing emergency processes and performing security checks to ensure the security of the passengers. Moreover, it is also a fact that providing comfort to the passengers is the most important thing that cabin attendants need to do. But taking care of rest of the two things that are described above are the chief concerns of this job position. They serve snacks, meals, and beverages to the passengers. They also keep travelers calm in times of emergencies and several issues. Basically, this is a generous career field that demands both hospitality and security of the travelers from the cabin attendants.

Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant & Career Opportunities

Flight Attendant Jobs

Flight Attendant Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Flight Attendants are very polite, friendly and careful in nature. It is important to know that what makes them so special. Let’s take a look at their several duties and responsibilities that they hold and perform to serve the passengers in their best cultural ways.

  1. They perfectly guide and help passengers to provide them comfort and proper security.
  2. They always perform security checks before the travel begins.
  3. They warmly and politely greet customers and welcome them to travel.
  4. They assist all passengers to find their booked seats.
  5. They prepare/cook food and serve drinks to the travelers.
  6. They note orders from the customers.
  7. They immediately give health and emergency equipment to the customers whenever the travelers need it. They also provide proper and beneficial instructions to passengers on how to use them.
  8. They perfectly monitor, supervise, manage and secure the flight.
  9. They perform according to the rules and regulations of aviation.
  10. They assist the entire cabin crew and travelers at the time of emergencies.
  11. They provide generous help to those travelers who need a lot of care like children, senior citizens, and disabled people.
  12. They note, prepare reports and submit them to the authorities regarding every flight including the incidents that happen on it.

Requirements and Qualifications

Flight Attendants are always very much decent, hardworking, intelligent, motivated and self-educated. Let’s take a look at the requirements and qualification criteria that they need to fulfill before joining the aviation field.

  1. A cabin attendant should be presentable and polite with the customers.
  2. Knowing other languages is a very versatile and a plus point.
  3. A cabin attendant should have strong and honest interpersonal skills.
  4. He/she should have a sense of working as an owner/supervisor in the flight and manage the entire cabin crew,
  5. travelers and everything in the flight.
  6. He/she is responsible for maintaining the disciplined environment of flight.
  7. Fluency in the English Language is required that is related to speaking, listening and writing.
  8. Experience of working as a Flight Attendant in any airline company.
  9. He/she must be a cooperative team player.
  10. He/she should be problem solver and should be very intelligent on dealing with affairs.
  11. Experience of working on a similar or related job position is also helpful.
  12. He/she must attain a cabin crew certification or verified training letter.
  13. Complete MS Office knowledge is mandatory especially MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

How to become A Flight Attendant?

If you wish to become a flight attendant then please read some of the situations that you need to understand and pass in achieving your goal.

  1. The most important part is “training”. There are two ways of getting trained. The first way is to get trained by any airline company and the second is to get enrolled in a training school. A training school may take up to 4 weeks while an airline company provides job as paid training. A flight attendant needs to know every aspect of the job that includes customer service, boarding, security and safe processes, pre-flight procedures, in-flight service and so on. A flight attendant should also understand that how rude behaviors of several travelers are handled and what should be done at the time of emergencies on board.
  2. According to a law since 2004, a flight attendant who handles more than 20 customers in a flight should hold a certificate known as “Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency”. This certificate is issued by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Flight attendants are offered this program in an airline company while training. This program basically focuses on dealing with crash scenarios, aircraft evacuation and escape, emergency equipment, prevention and control and survival skills.
  3. A flight attendant should hold a high school diploma or GED.
  4. The age of a cabin attendant should be 18. In some jobs, 21 years old age is required.
  5. You can easily learn about the requirements and all detail about becoming a flight attendant from several websites of different airlines and apply there instantly for training.
  6. A First Aid Certificate is required with the validity of at least 12 months when you apply for the job.
  7. An applicant should be fit and healthy and must attain an ability to swim up to 50 meters for 3 minutes in tread water.
  8. Some airline companies demand Senior Secondary Certificate of Education as well. A tourism diploma may also be proved quite helpful in getting a job in this industry.
  9. Some aviation companies require permanent New Zealand or Australian residency. Plus, if a person wishes to be an International Flight attendant then he/she must have a passport that ensures unrestricted access any time to every part of the world. This must have at least 12 months of validity.

Below you can find extensive numbers of flight attendant jobs along with the complete details. So without further due, let’s jump on the list of vacancies seen below.

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