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Privacy Policies for is very much sincere toward providing the best protection services to its clients. Hence, we have established some regulations which are mentioned below that provide online protection to the site visitors. We never want our visitors to feel uneasy or stay worried on our website. To provide you a better experience, we have set some strict rules to keep you safe from the unethical usage of your “Personally Identifiable Information”.

Please take a look at our rules and regulations that are here for your security. This will help you in understanding that how do we collect, utilize & protect your data being an online platform.

Which sort of data does get from its site visitors?

If a person comes to our website and wishes to register himself then we might ask for the name, email address, city name, phone number etc. We always secure this information. We do this just to provide you the best of the services and we never intend to transfer it to the third party. Your data is always confidential and secure at

How do we collect from the site users?

We gather information from those site users who wish to subscribe to the newsletters that can be on daily basis or weekly basis or even monthly basis and promotional marketing emails.

How does utilize the personal information of our site users?

We always utilize personal information like name and email address to send you the marketing emails or newsletters regarding the latest job vacancies or anything related to our platform like announcing the new product or service etc.

How does secure the personal data of our regular visitors?

  1. Please note that we never ever ask for money transactions of any kind.
  2. We never ask you for your credit card numbers.
  3. We are not directly and indirectly associated with any activities like providing the job, job training, HR services or any other services except providing the information about the job ads only.
  4. We understand our duty of protecting your data through our protected data security systems.
  5. Those employees in our firm who provide data protection to your data can only access your data for the security concerns like for providing security and they never misuse it.

How do we use cookies?

Exactly, we do use cookies to provide you the better experience. We love to know about your interests and share with you the related data that you would prefer on our website. Basically, cookies mean data files that are small and usually transferred via service provider or the website to your computer’s basic hard drive. That helps our platform to memorize your computer browser easily and provide you a better website experience.

Why does this company utilize cookies on online platform?

  1. Cookies always assist to understand that which kind of data and advertisements are liked by the users.
  2. Cookies also assist us to estimate that which sort of information/content we should publish on the website in future according to the public’s interest.
  3. It also helps us to understand the preferences of our site users. It further assists to provide the relevant data to the users.

Why will occur if a Visitor disables the cookies on his browser?

It can cause some issues to them like loss of saved files’ memory can cause them an issue of not seeing the content of their preferences.

Disclosure to External Party:

We never ever sell, trade or transfer your personally identifiable information to any third party.

External Party Links:

Please note that is certainly not responsible if you see any kind of link fraudulent, corrupt, bad or inactive. The owner of the external party is solely responsible for that.

Google Ads:

It is true that we do share some kinds of Google Ads on the website but it never means that we share, sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to Google. We never deal with them for this purpose.

CaIOPPA Guideline:

If you want to visit the website as an anonymous user then we allow it. But please read that if we wish to change any of the term or policy on our website then we have the right to change it automatically without informing our site users.

Does support third-party behavioral tracking on its website??

Yes, it simply does allow the behavioral tracking of the external party on the website.

Guidelines for Children Online Privacy Protection Act: strongly disagrees with the issue of circulating any information of a child to external parties. However, we would like to discuss that parents should keep their eyes on their children as they do not need to use our website. It can raise the phenomena of Child Labor which should be taken seriously.

Strict Laws of Fair Information Practices:

Such practices named as Fair Information Practices are working as real strength in the regulations and laws of the United States of America. These regulations and strict terms are used in the world by the people to provide the maximum data and site safety to the visitors. We encourage this and support this from every aspect. We also apply these rules on the website.

CAN-SPAM Guideline:

We do respect and understand the policy of CAP SPAM. We agree and encourage that emails should only be sent with the acceptance of the site visitors only. Whenever we send an email, we also always send one link from where a user can easily unsubscribe himself.

Policy for the Update in Content: keeps entire rights to update, change or delete the content visible on the website. The amendments will automatically and definitely be posted on the platform without informing the site visitors.


After reading our complete terms and conditions and privacy policies, you are solely and completely responsible for utilizing this platform.


You can easily contact to achieve the details about us, products, our services, marketing emails, promotional activities, etc. You may freely provide us your feedback, complaints, and suggestions through our contact page.

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